How to SPOT Malpractice

From April 6, 2020, LTO implemented a requirement for anyone who wishes to be a licensed driver to get a 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course before the application. For this reason, a lot of driving schools emerged and started offering their driving course packages. 

Unfortunately, there are some driving schools who fail to follow the rules in terms of giving the proper procedure in driving lessons. Which is why it is our duty to share the information for people to know if they are risking their money to the right driving institution.

So how do we spot malpractice in a driving school? Refer to the points below to remember if the driving school does what they should not do.

  • LTO Assistance with No Appearance

When you process a driver’s license, LTO requires you to personally come to their office. LTO procedures include going through a medical examination and identification/biometrics registration. Medical certification should only come from LTO accredited clinics or physicians. Individuals who wish to obtain their driver’s license will be provided a hard copy of their medical certificates that needs to be presented on their day of application. 

Any driving school who guarantees to get your driver’s license without advising you to go to the LTO office is breaking the rule. 

  • Certificate without Seminar and Practical Driving Course

Theoretical Driving Course is implemented by LTO for the mere reason of avoiding road accidents. The course covers driving and traffic rules, as well as Land Transportation related laws. Therefore it is necessary to go through the seminar and practical driving course to be aware of the rules and avoid accidents. 

If the driving school grants you a certificate without a seminar and the actual driving, they are risking your life by letting you drive without the proper training. 

  • Skipping the Steps and Uncertified Driving Instructors

Well, this is somehow the same as what was mentioned above.  During seminars or practical driving lessons, the instructor should discuss the step by step process on how to drive a vehicle. From your sitting position, observing traffic rules to how to park your vehicle. If the instructor fails to correct you after making a mistake during the course but lets you pass, consider it as a red flag. 

Before LTO authorized a driving instructor, he/she was obliged to go through exams and training to obtain certificates such as NC II in Driving and Automotive Servicing and TESDA National TVET Trainer’s Certificate (NTTC). Be observant and look around the driving school’s office if they display these kinds of certificates, if none, it wouldn’t hurt to ask a question or two politely. Driving schools understand that you’re only being cautious before paying and taking your driving lessons. 

  • 100% Guaranteed Pass

One of the requirements upon applying for your non-professional or professional driver’s license is a passing rate for LTO’s written and actual driving test. If you fail the actual test on your second try, you will have to wait for a month before retaking it. After the 3rd failed attempt, you will have to wait for 2 years before reapplying. 

Well, LTO is understandable on this part. We can agree that it is to ensure that the driver is fully equipped with the required knowledge to drive well on the road, as well as avoid accidents. 

If the driving school promises a 100% pass for both exams, consider it as a malpractice. If you listen carefully, study hard and get perfect on your exam, great. Yet if the institution tampered with the results, or shall we say, hired a fixer to let you pass, that is considered as a big NO!

  • Hidden Charges

Prior to enrolling in a driving school, make sure to present all your plans and your  needs with the staff assisting you. One example is if you plan to extend your actual driving course to practice your driving skills more. Usually, a legit driving institution presents all the charges if you happen to extend your packages. In any case you failed to mention your extension, instructors or the staff should be clear about the rates before signing up for additional packages. 

You may also check their website or social media pages to check their prices. Driving schools who are not transparent with their prices are suspicious and it would be safe to consider signing up to other driving schools. Additionally, if their prices are too low compared to the others providing the same service, it is your time to be doubtful of the company.

Malpractice in an institution should not be tolerated. Keep in mind that if you encourage these types of behavior by promoting or signing up to their packages, you’re also putting your safety at risk. If you happen to encounter these wrong practices, file a complaint to the Land Transportation Office so they can investigate and take proper actions. 

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